Hoosier Townball Association


 West Central Indiana's Adult Baseball League  

How to Build a Townball Club

Building a club is extremely easy... at least it was for those of us who kicked this off in 2014.  It doesn't cost anything but your time, and after a week or two, guys will be coming out of the woodwork to get the scoop.  Here it is in a few quick steps:

1.  Review HTA rules and get commitments from 4 or 5 friends.

2. Come up with a club name (town/area and mascot) and colors.

3. Contact an HTA representative and register your initial intent to field a team.  HTA will forward you the names of any men in the area who are looking to join a club.

4. Set your roster cap (average is about 15, rules allow 12-20) and field inquiries from prospective players. There are a lot of utility players out there, so be sure you save roster slots for a few who can catch and pitch (35yrs old+).

5. Contact local businesses to find sponsors if you choose. Note that neither HTA nor your club will qualify for 501(c)3 tax exempt status but HTA will advertise your sponsors on this website if requested at no cost. Every dollar you can pick up will decrease out of pocket expense. See tips for soliciting sponsors here.

6. Finalize your roster (spreadsheet link) and order uniforms/hats.  There are many online and local vendors who do a good job on a tight budget and others who would be more than happy to design full custom uniforms should you happen to get bankrolled. Your club bears this cost and any other expenses you may incur alone, e.g. practice balls, bats, catchers gear, etc.

7. Determine whether or not a local diamond can be secured and make necessary inquiries.  HTA will find you a place to play regardless, but it's more fun to have a home field.

8. Pay the club fee, submit your roster and signed waivers to officially enter HTA league play.  2019 Association dues are $1600 per club.  This fee covers insurance, diamond fees, umpires, game balls and league administrative overhead.  At about hundred a head, it's cheaper than most kids rec fees...

How to Manage a Townball Club

The official duties of the manager are highlighted in the official association documents, but in general, the manager should:

1. Organize a few practices or batting cage opportunities in the spring/summer.

2. Maintain communication with his club and HTA.

3. Set gameday lineups and ensure someone keeps book.  Upload stats to the HTA league lineup stats site.

4. Serve as the primary point of contact for league, club and gameday officials and verify all players are adhering to HTA rules and regulations and to the spirit of fair play.

That's About It...

You can make this as simple or as complicated,  as cheap or as expensive, as you want... It's your club!  All HTA asks is that you meet the minimum association requirements and ensure your players behave in a way that demonstrates respect for the players and their families, the community and the game of baseball.

Contact us today about the prospect of building and/or managing a townball club in your area.  We can assist you with the process, answer any questions and put you in direct contact with other club managers. 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.  It's extremely easy.  Let us help you get back in the game today.