Hoosier Townball Association


 West Central Indiana's Adult Baseball League  





This organization shall be known as the Hoosier Townball Association LLC and hereinafter referred to as the “Association.” The home office address shall be that of the LLC signatory identified as the Registered Agent.


The purpose of the Association shall be:

• To provide a framework for organized amateur baseball clubs to compete under a set of unified rules and regulations within the State of Indiana.

• To perpetuate annual tournaments to determine division, conference, league and/or state champions.

Points of emphasis include:

• Developing and maintaining opportunities for adult participants to play fast-pitch baseball in age-appropriate divisions.

• Promoting and assisting in the development of new Townball Clubs to increase opportunities for competition throughout the State of Indiana.

• Fostering competition and camaraderie between communities and promoting the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.

• Establishing links to the community through partnerships, volunteerism, action groups, etc.


Townball Clubs (teams) meeting the standard for membership set in the By-Laws shall be initially admitted to the Association at the discretion of the LLC signatories (“Members”) and may retain affiliation indefinitely provided said clubs are in good standing and comply with all applicable rules and regulations. All decisions on division and conference affiliation shall likewise lie solely with the Members.


General liability insurance shall be obtained through formal affiliation with US Adult Baseball, the expense of which will be covered through the collection of annual Association registration fees. No officers or members of the Association or its divisions or conferences shall have any personal liability for Association obligations. 


Primary government of the Association and management of its affairs shall be vested in its Members. Members shall hold the permanent positions of Association President, Vice President and Treasurer and may rotate responsibilities among themselves as they deem necessary.

Members shall delegate, at their discretion, certain administrative and operational responsibilities to a Board of Directors consisting of the Members themselves, a Secretary, Division Directors, Conference Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Trustees who have previously held any of the positions heretofore defined. Each member of the Board serves at the pleasure of the Members.

Until and unless separate conferences exist, one Manager from each Club shall serve in the place of Conference Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners. Club Managers serving on the Board of Directors in this manner shall not be identified as Trustees as identified above and shall serve only so long as their Club is active in the Association with only one conference extant.

Each member of the Board of Directors is entitled to one vote on all matters under the Board’s consideration so long as he maintains good standing with the Association. The presiding Association President shall serve as tie-breaker in all even votes and may permit electronic or telephonic votes to be cast at his discretion.

Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any called meeting. All business transacted by the Board of Directors shall bind the Association so long as it is sanctioned as a proper decision delegated to the Board by the Members.

The Members shall have the power to adjust matters at any time in the interest of preserving and safeguarding the Association.


Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of scheduled meetings.

Regular meetings shall be scheduled and the Board will be given timely notice to provide for maximum participation.

Impromptu meetings shall be called as needed to address pressing matters. Regular rules of order may be suspended by the presiding Association President at his discretion if deemed necessary to ensure the continued efficacy or reputation of the Association.


The period of duration of this Limited Liability Company shall be perpetual.


Amendments to the Association Constitution, By-Laws and Rules may be made at will by the Members, or may be proposed by the Board of Directors, provided a majority of Members adopt the amendment.

In cases of amendment, the Board will be notified within seven (7) calendar days, and Association documents will be updated and posted for public reference within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Amendments will be effective the date of public posting.




  • Townball Clubs may petition to join the Association by contacting an Association Member. In order to receive consideration, each Club must provide the following information: Club town, mascot/nickname, Manager name and contact information, Club roster consisting of no fewer than 12 and no more than 20 confirmed players meeting division criteria, and an acknowledgment of intent to comply with all Association rules and regulations.
  • All players on a Club’s roster must meet the division’s minimum age requirement during the calendar year, i.e., by December 31st, not necessarily by the start of league play. All other player eligibility rules shall conform to those adopted by US Adult Baseball.
  • Prospective Clubs will be admitted or rejected by a majority vote of the Members.
  • Clubs joining the Association shall come fully-formed and ready for league play. The Association will coordinate liability insurance, unified rules of play, umpires, scheduling, game balls, logistics and administrative support. All baseball equipment, uniforms, etc., will be the responsibility of the Club Manager and players.
  • New Clubs may be added up until thirty (30) days before the start of league play if, in the opinion of the Members, the Club is sufficiently organized to avoid disruption.
  • All new and returning Clubs must pay annual registration fees no later than thirty (30) days before the start of league play. Fees will be determined each year by the Members and posted to a public forum or otherwise disseminated to Club Managers.
  • Clubs may disassociate at any time. Annual registration fees are not subject to refund once tendered.
  • Clubs and individual Managers and players are subject to sanction, suspension and expulsion if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, exhibited conduct is detrimental to baseball or the reputation of the Association. Members shall make the final determination on all proposed expulsions from the Association.


  • The Association may, at the discretion of its Members, open Club registration in any number of age-specific divisions provided there is enough interest to field multiple teams and provide for competitive league play.
  • If more than one division is active within the Association, Members shall identify individuals to serve as Division Directors who will concurrently serve on the Association’s Board of Directors.


  • The Association may, at the discretion of its Members, divide Clubs into geographically distinct conferences within each division in order to better coordinate activity and limit the distance of travel for season play.
  • If more than one conference is active within a division of the Association, Members shall identify individuals to serve as Conference Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners. Aspects of operational and administrative management of the conference may be delegated to the Commissioner at the discretion of the Members. Both the Commissioner and his Deputy will concurrently serve on the Association’s Board of Directors.
  • The Association will coordinate periodic inter-conference play and an annual post-season tournament. 


  • The Association Board of Directors shall consist of the LLC signatories permanently occupying the President, Vice President and Treasurer positions.  If and when deemed necessary, the Members may also designate a Secretary; Division Directors; Conference Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners; and Trustees who have previously served in titled Board positions provided they intend to remain active in the Association’s government.
  • All individuals serve at the pleasure of the LLC signatories and are not subject to term limits, open vote or other restriction.


President: The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association, appoint standing committees and all other committees deemed necessary for the operation of the Association and perform all such executive and administrative work as would naturally fall within the duties of this office. 

Vice President: In the absence of the President at any meeting of the Association, the Vice-President shall exercise the powers and duties of the President. 

Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and keep accurate record of all moneys collected, with copies provided to the Secretary: to pay out same and to make an itemized report of all receipts and disbursements of this office. 

Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a true record of the minutes of each meeting of the Association and to have the same published. The Secretary shall also perform communication-related duties as defined by the Members. 

Division Directors: Individuals shall represent the interests of their assigned age-specific leagues and provide oversight and direction as defined by the Members. 

Conference Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners: Individuals shall represent the interests of their assigned conferences and associated Clubs, Managers and players, and to provide oversight and direction as defined by the Members.

Trustees: Trustees shall provide counsel on Association government and serve in ancillary support roles as defined by the Members. 


Each Club participating in the Association must identify a Club Manager (not necessarily the field manager) who shall serve as the primary point of contact for league organizers and coordinator of Club administrative activity.

Duties of the Manager include:

• Collecting and submitting to the Association all rosters, registration fees and required documents by the scheduled deadlines.

• Providing for the management of Club funds and any sponsor/donor relations.

• Coordinating with players for the procurement of uniforms and baseball equipment.

• Keeping book and reporting game results and player statistics to a designated point of contact or through an online system as required.

• Attending league meetings and serving on the Board of Directors as warranted (see Constitution Article 5).

• Disseminating Association information to players in a timely fashion.

• Meeting scheduled game times and avoiding forfeits.

• Deciding whether or not inclement weather or field conditions necessitate game delay or cancellation.

• Coordinating make-up games with the Association, opposing Clubs and umpires.

• Enforcing player conformance to Association and facility rules.


  • The Board shall schedule (or delegate to Conference Commissioners to schedule) all regular season and post-season games.
  • The Board, in consultation with impacted Club Managers, will attempt to reschedule all rain-outs and other “no-fault” cancellations as expeditiously as possible.
  • Any Club unable to field a team for play in a scheduled game shall generally forfeit the contest resulting in a recorded Loss and assessment of a fee commensurate with the expenses incurred by the Association for umpires wages and diamond fees. That penalty shall not exceed $100 per occurrence and must be paid to the Association Treasurer before the Club may participate in subsequent contests. Club Managers may avoid forfeit by communicating with Association representatives and opposing Club Managers forty-eight (48) hours in advance, citing unforeseen circumstances or legitimate reasons. If the game cannot be rescheduled during the regular season, it will be noted as “no contest” with no recorded Win or Loss attributed to either team.
  • The Club Manager of the identified Home Team shall be responsible for communicating all schedule deviations (e.g., delays, cancellations, etc.) to the umpire(s) and Association representatives.


All complaints, grievances or other issues relating to the administration or general government of the Association shall be directed to a Board of Directors representative. The complainant must file a written complaint/grievance and may request the opportunity to raise the issue at a stated meeting or to convene a special hearing. The Board shall endeavor to resolve issues to the complainant’s satisfaction, but may defer final adjudication to the Members. There are no further avenues of resolution within the Association.

If a Club Manager wishes to protest an official on-field ruling, he must:

• Inform the home plate umpire of his intent to protest the game before the next pitch is thrown.

• Make notification to the Conference Commissioner or Association President of his intent to protest within twenty-four (24) hours of the occurrence.

• Submit a written protest and a check for $50 to the Association Treasurer within three (3) days of the occurrence.

The Board will meet within seven (7) days of submission of the written protest to decide the matter. If the protest is upheld, the $50 protest fee will be refunded to the Manager and the Board will determine how best to resolve the issue. If deemed appropriate, the game under protest may be replayed from the point of infraction. Any protests found to be without merit will be rejected by the Board and the $50 protest fee shall be deposited into Association funds.

Players or Managers serving on the Board of Directors must recuse themselves from voting on matters relating to complaints, grievances or protests in which they or their Clubs are involved. Members in like situations should also recuse themselves, but may intervene in extraordinary circumstances to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Association. 


Club registration fees shall be deposited into an Association account and primarily dispersed for the purpose of maintaining Association activities.

The Association Treasurer shall keep a full accounting of all debits and credits.

Only the Members may obligate funds for non-standard activities and may draw disbursements with the concurrence of all other LLC signatories.